Currently, organizations are bound to meet increasing amounts of legislative, corporate and regulatory requirements. Every organization needs to demonstrate that they are managing and protecting their information assets (including their customer information) appropriately. Their security readiness is constantly under the limelight.

On the other hand, the cyber threats from hackers and cyber criminals are becoming more complex and are increasing in larger proportions. Organizations are in a continuous need to improve their cyber security architecture in order to respond to the changing threat landscape. The focus on the cyber security maturity is increasing rapidly due to large number of sophisticated and highly disruptive security breaches that are threatening critical government and corporate infrastructures through financial, operational, business and reputational damages. Therefore, organizations should realize their current state of security, decide on their security risk appetite, agree on the target state of maturity and then define a roadmap to achieve the desired security maturity state towards combating the cyber threats. A security maturity assessment enables organizations to realize the above steps.

What’s your need?

  1. How mature is my Security risk posture?
  2. How mature is my Security posture after the Security Breach?
  3. How do I establish a strong security culture within my organization?
  4. How can I define a security program and prioritize my security initiatives?

Our Approach

 SS INFINITI empowers your journey towards higher security maturity levels by performing Cyber Security Maturity Assessment in your organization. Our security advisory experts by collaborating with your team through a combination of interviews, security policy and process reviews shall:

  • Identify current security gaps against the required compliance framework(ISO27001/NIST/CIS Controls)
  • Identify and prioritize security risks based on business impact
  • Provide a maturity rating for each security domains to understand the current state of maturity
  • Provide detailed recommendations and a focused road map towards achieving the target state of maturity

The assessment provides the flexibility to assess the security maturity level on a site by site basis or at a company level. It also helps to identify the best practices within an organization and provides a benchmark against their peer groups and competitors.

Benefits of Cyber Security Maturity Assessment:

  • Understand the organization’s current security posture and prepare for the desired future maturity state
  • Reduce exposure by aligning business practices with compliance requirements
  • Enable organizations to predict and prepare against cyber threats
  • Maintain and improve the current security maturity state by fostering a security culture within the organization

The classroom training is usually scheduled between Fri – Sun

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