Cloud computing has brought the business transformation with IT services & operations through its superiority in ease of deployment, quick turnaround time, on-demand scalability, higher resilience, drastic cost reduction and so on..

Benefits of Cloud computing:

  • Accessibility - anywhere, any device: Today its common to access the data from laptops, mobiles from different locations such as office, home. Sharing of the working files within departments, across organization is paramount. The cloud-based hosting enables the accessibility from anywhere with any device, still reducing the management overhead.
  • Reduced operational overheads - The evasion of efforts in managing huge data centres helps reduce the operational costs drastically in terms of space, power, cooling, facility management and resources - all contributing to huge savings.
  • Easy to deploy - New server can be provisioned in hours than waiting for months to procure/configure the hardware, still reducing the operational costs.
  • System rebuilds - Stand-by images of application servers enable the system rebuilds easy& quick. The standby servers are built from the image of working servers with minimal configuration changes, hence avoids inconsistency of configurations greatly.
  • On-demand scalability & Pay as you use model - It’s no more required to invest on the hardware capacity considering the next 3-5 years growth of directory services or database volume. The RAM, storage on servers can be instantly increased based on the demands, furthermore, it can be scaled back as well if required

Our Services:

  • Program Management
  • Study of applications to identify the right service models - IaaS, Paas, SaaS etc & deployment model - Private, Public and hybrid
  • Developing the migration strategy
  • Capacity planning
  • Data Security design
  • Seamless migration to cloud
  • Business Continuity planning
  • Implementation of orchestration tool
  • Post migration support

Our Expertise:

Out consultants have rich experience in enterprise-wide data centre migration, application migration, virtualization, business continuity implementation that include 100’s of servers and 1000’s of applications hosted. Our systematic approach of identifying the stakeholder, understanding of the dependent applications/infrastructure, developing the migration strategy ensures the timely, flawless cloud migration


The classroom training is usually scheduled between Fri – Sun

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