An organization can deploy a 24/7 Security Operations Center and use sophisticated tool to combat against cyber-attacks/threats. However, the people involved within the cyber security and outside of it play a critical role on the frontline of organizations IT Efforts. They need to be constantly made aware of the present and emerging cyber threats and not to be a victim of any cyberattack.Our Cyber Security Awareness course helps you to understand the various cyber threats including social engineering attacks. The session also provides you with practical real time cyber-attack scenarios that you might encounter in their work environment. This will prepare them to respond to such attacks in an effective and timely manner to prevent further damage to business.

The Cyber Security Awareness course covers the following topics in detail. This course can also be customized to suit your organizational security requirements.

  1. Overview of Cyber Threats
  2. Security Essential for Employees
  3. Email Security on PCs and Mobiles
  4. USB Device Security
  5. Safe Web Browsing
  6. Safe Social Networks Usage
  7. Physical Security
  8. Phishing and Spear Phishing Attacks
  9. Mobile Device and App Security
  10. Protecting Personal Identifiable Information(PII)
  11. Data Protection and Destruction

The classroom training is usually scheduled between Fri – Sun

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