This is an information era and all the data that supports the information plays a vital role in making well informed decisions. Hence it is imperative to protect the data irrespective of the forms it takes (structured, semi structured or non-structured). However due to the large volume of data, it becomes a challenge for the organizations towards protecting the data as it is cost intensive. To strike a balance between data security and corresponding budget for securing the data, it is essential to classify your data so that only business critical, sensitive and or confidential data alone can be protected with essential security controls as there is greater risk for the organizations if such data or information is lost. Our SS Infiniti security experts will support you by understanding your data and defines an effective system for how to classify data and managing the data classification on an ongoing basis.


Who needs an assessment?

  • Customers who have not classified their data
  • Customers who have not formalized their data classification
  • Customers who are subjected to a specific regulatory compliance.

What’s your need?

  1. How do I classify my data and protect IP?
  2. How compliant am I with Regulatory compliances?

Our Approach

SS INFINITI empowers your ability on managing your corporate as well as customer data to your customer by performing a data classification assessment in your organization.  Our consultant rapidly collaborates with your team members by conducting discussions and review your existing nature of data as mentioned below.

  • Understand Data regulatory compliance requirements if applicable
  • Understanding existing data classification policy, if any
  • Conduct discussion with customer stakeholders
  • Conduct a preliminary data discovery using tool
  • Identify the gaps in data classification
  • Define(or update) data classification policy
  • Define (or update) the guidelines on data classification

The assessment provides detailed noncompliance findings that are mapped to the business critical risks.  It also helps to identify the control weakness and helps to prioritize the corrective actions towards addressing the noncompliance effectively.

Benefits of Data Classification & Policy Management:

  • Provides customers and stakeholders with confidence that your enterprise data is secured and adequately managed.
  • Prevents sensitive data loss thereby ensuring compliance to data regulatory requirements
  • Reduction in cost by minimizing budget on protecting trivial data assets


The classroom training is usually scheduled between Fri – Sun

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