Some organizations prefer to maintain their own set of security policies and procedures which could be an amalgamation of the best practices existing globally. These organizations may not be part of the certification procedures, but would still like to have a periodic assessment on their existing security policies and how best it is implemented within their organization.  SS Infiniti security experts will support on such type of assessment if your organization also maintains such kind of security documentation.


Who needs an assessment?

  • Organizations who are preparing for an IT Audit
  • When a new CISO is on boarded
  • If the customer is going through and or completed, a Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) recently
  • Regulated industry customers

What’s your need?

  1. Are my IT Assets Secure?
  2. Is my Security Posture compliant?

Our Approach

SS INFINITI empowers your ability on demonstrating compliance on enterprise security to your customer and other business stakeholders by performing security compliance assessment in your organization within your own security documentation.

Our security auditors rapidly collaborates with your team members by conducting interviews, and review your existing security policy and related documentation as mentioned below.

  • Identify in scope Business Units, location and process in scope & agree on the scope of engagement
  • Understand in scope domains
  • Review the security policies and related documentation
  • Conduct audit and gather evidences
  • Review and analyze the findings
  • Identify the noncompliance and consolidate the findings
  • Provide report with detailed noncompliance finding against each control category and Business Unit

The assessment provides detailed noncompliance findings that are mapped to the business critical risks.  It also helps to identify the control weakness and helps to prioritize the corrective actions towards addressing the noncompliance effectively.

Benefits of Enterprise Security & Compliance Assessment:

  • Provides customers and stakeholders with confidence that your enterprise security is adequately managed.
  • Improved security culture within the organization
  • Cost savings through reduction in security incidents.

The classroom training is usually scheduled between Fri – Sun

Please click here for more details on the locationwise schedule