Information Systems Risk Assessment is a comprehensive review of the IT organization, with the objective of identifying existing vulnerabilities that could be exploited by threats and mapping the associated risks. The exploitation could potentially cause damage to the data and network which shall result in business disruption. Every organization is aware of the threats posed by hackers who steal data and money, but many fail to keep their security policies and systems updated. Outdated software with vulnerabilities and practices leave the organization vulnerable for exploitation. In order to protect the organization, it is essential to methodically evaluate the risks, threats, and vulnerabilities surrounding the IT Infrastructure.Our IS Risk assessment workshop helps you to understand the risk assessment approach on IT systems and how to conduct a formal risk assessment on IT Infrastructure. As IS risk identification and assessment is the first step towards IT risk management, this workshop will prepare you to conduct a risk assessment that enables your organization to mitigate the risks and manage those risks on an ongoing basis. The IS Risk assessment covers the following topics in detail.

  1. IS Risks concepts
  2. IS Risk Identification Approach
  3. Identification of Assets
  4. Threats and Vulnerability assessment on Assets
  5. IS Risk Scenarios Development
  6. Understand IS Risk Register
  7. Risk Assessment Methods
  8. Risk Scenario Analysis
  9. Risk Assessment Report preparation and communication

The classroom training is usually scheduled between Fri – Sun

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