We are seeing unprecedented advancements in the sophistication of perpetrators, making supply chain vendors equally vulnerable to advanced attacks. To manage these risks, host organizations must adapt their security procedures to include vendors, partners and even customers. A common compromise vector might be the theft of a vendor’s credentials that grant remote access to an enterprise the vendor works with, leading to infiltration of the enterprise network from an already trusted source.

Supply chain security has the following challenges

  • Poor information security practices by lower-tier suppliers
  • Compromised software or hardware purchased from suppliers.
  • Software security vulnerabilities in supply chain management or supplier systems
  • Counterfeit hardware or hardware with embedded malware
  • Unencrypted third party data storage and connections to services

What’s your need? 

  1. Do I know what information or IT systems our vendors can access?
  2. Is cyber risks part of vendor selection, management and audit?
  3. How do I get an overall visibility on my supply chain risks?

Our Approach

SS INFINITI empowers you to gain visibility on the existing security risks in your supply chain through our supply chain security risk advisory service. The assessment also provides recommendations on how to remediate the security risks in their supply chain environment.

Our security experts assess your supply chain environment, perform a risk assessment and provide a report highlighting the critical risks in the supply chain security that could potentially affect your business and information as mentioned below.

  • Identify the information assets under vendors and agree on the scope of engagement
  • Understand customer risk management policy & customer relationship policy
  • Conduct interviews with vendors and complete the vendor self-assessment questionnaire
  • Perform risk assessment on the vendor responses
  • Identify appropriate risks
  • Provide report with detailed recommendations on each findings for the vendor to remediate

Benefits of Supply Chain Risk Assessment:

  • Reduces risk of poor quality or compromised products
  • Reduces loss from business disruption
  • Decreases crisis response and recovery time
  • Improves protection of customer Intellectual Property
  • Meet regulatory/legal requirements with greater confidence at an optimized cost

The classroom training is usually scheduled between Fri – Sun

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