There is a constant desire to achieve a perfect state of cyber security among the organizations. However due to sophisticated cyber threats and attacks, the software vendors are releasing updates to their software so that the customers using their product are constantly protected against cyber attacks. Organizations are also coping up with those patch updates. However customers are not confident enough to demonstrate their cyber security assurance to their respective stakeholders including customers, partners and also to regulatory authorities. Vulnerability assessment helps organizations to address the inherent security weakness on their infrastructure and to demonstrate cyber security assurance.

Who needs an assessment?

  • Customers who have never performed a Vulnerability Assessment
  • Customer who faced a security breach recently
  • Customers who are subjected to regulatory requirements                                                     

What’s your need?

  1. How do I detect vulnerabilities in my IT infrastructure?
  2. How do I protect our business from known vulnerabilities and threats?

Our Approach

SS INFINITI security experts conduct vulnerability assessment on your IT Infrastructure using a sophisticated tool. The identified vulnerabilities are prioritized based on the critical risks on the environment. The final deliverable will be a vulnerability assessment report that provides the details of all identified vulnerabilities with associated risks with a detailed recommendation on addressing those vulnerabilities.

The vulnerability assessment covers the following aspects in detail.

  1. Identify key stakeholders for VA specific exercise and understand business & technical requirements
  2. Understand Application and it’s Infrastructure landscape
  3. Understand Network Infrastructure and Access Points
  4. Profiling Application and associated Infrastructure and  Network
  5. Determine tools requirements to complete VA
  6. Prepare VA Tech Plan and obtain client approval
  7. Perform Vulnerability Scanning
  8. Perform Analysis
  9. Report VA results


  1. Helps customers identify their known security weakness before cyber attackers find them.
  2. Helps to create an inventory of all the devices on the network including vulnerabilities associated with a specific device.
  3. Helps with the planning of upgrades and future assessments based on the identified vulnerabilities
  4. Enable defining risk level of the existing network.
  5. Demonstrate customers that the organization network is resilient to cyber attacks

The classroom training is usually scheduled between Fri – Sun

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